Econ Income Fund

Econ Income Fund

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Investment Strategy

Fund Details

FeaturesFunds Details
Fund ObjectiveThe fund aims to provide investors with a regular and stable monthly income secured by first
registered mortgages over real Australian property.
Fund StrategyInvest in a portfolio of loans secured by first registered mortgages
Fund NameEcon Income Fund (ABN 64 212 454 332)
Type of FundUnregistered wholesale unit trust
Trustee & ManagerEcon Funds Management Pty Ltd (AFSL 517694)
Target ReturnRBA Cash Rate + 5.50% (net of management fees)
Distribution FrequencyMonthly
Performance FeeNIL
Entry & Exit FeeNIL
Term18-24 months from closing date
Minimum Investment$100,000
Investor TypeStrictly limited to wholesale investors
Disclaimer: This fact sheet is intended only for the person to whom it has been delivered. This fact sheet should not be used as the primary source of readers’ information but rather in conjunction with the Information Memorandum, which should be read in its entirety before making a decision to invest. Econ Income Fund will be exposed to the financial risks typically associated with mortgage-style investments. Such risks may result in capital losses. Econ Income Fund will not be liable for losses of any kind. A complete list of the major risks associated with an investment made in Econ Income Fund is also provided in the Information Memorandum. The contents of this fact sheet should not be interpreted as legal, tax investment or other advice and this Fact Sheet may not be replicated or used for any other purpose

Econ Income Fund Performance Summary

Inception Date1 October 2020
Investment StatusClosed
Expiry Date30 September 2022
Lending Activity SummarySince Inception
Total Loans Funded39
Total Loan Value$85,612,773
Fund Performance SummarySince Inception
*Average Rate of Return6.32%
*Past Performance is no guarantee of future results